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Infinite Spin Performing Arts is a Sacramento/Lake Tahoe based group that specializes in fire spinning, aerial acrobatic performance, LED circus props, and non-fire variety shows. This group’s unparalleled and original choreography and energy tell a story that will charm and amaze you. Infinite Spin performances are a perfect addition to any festival, wedding, birthday party, children’s event, family reunion, business event, and so much more.

Infinite Spin offers a variety of different types of shows and performance offerings,
see our show descriptions below to find the perfect show for your event!

Have a theme in mind? 

We love to cater our show and custom costuming to any theme!



Fire Performance

Infinite Spin’s fire dance arts include Multiple Circus Hula Hoops, Fans, Staves, Poi, Juggling, and Fire Acrobatics as well as unique, custom built props with tremendous fire. 

Large fire props include Fire Wings, Hoop Staves (4-foot diameter ring of fire), 

Heart Hoop Staff, and Lycopodium Torches. 

All performers are fully insured and fully trained on fire safety. Infinite Spin also has at least one trained safety assistant on staff at every fire show. 

Fire Performance Packages

Small Fire Performance - Choreographed fire dance pieces with smaller fire props, including hula hoops, fire fans, staffs, etc. 

Big Fire Performance - Choreographed fire performance with large fire props, including Fire Wings (3 sets of fire wings with a 12-foot span) and Hoop Staffs (2 rings of fire and 1 heart of fire all 4 ft. in diameter). Fire eating and breathing upon request. 

Next Level Fire Performance - Choreographed fire performance with large fire props, including Fire Wings and Hoop/Heart Staffs in collaboration with Organic Pyrotechnics offering custom-made Lycopodium props such as staff, double staves and torches with choreographed advanced fire breathing. Epic Fire! 


LED shows include light up and/or blacklight reactive props including Multiple Circus Hula Hoops, Staves, Juggling, Poi, Flag Poi, and Silk Fans. These shows are great for indoor venues that do not accommodate fire shows and LED shows can also be combined with aerial performance! 

Candy Cotton


Aerial performances may include single or multiple aerialists for a riveting and daring display of strength and grace. Apparatuses include aerial silks, lollipop lyra, aerial lyra, and fire lyra.

Don’t have a place for us to rig? No Problem!

Infinite Spin can provide and assemble rigging equipment. 

Contact us for rates and packages!  

Purple Curtain


Infinite Spin’s Variety show is perfect for daytime and non-fire events! 

This show includes a wide array of performance art that combines different props and skills such as hula hoops, flag poi, tap dance, and partner acrobatics.

Blurry Drops


Spice up any event with Roaming Entertainment which can be booked in addition to a choreographed show.


Roaming Entertainment includes crowd interaction, themed characters and circus tricks to create an upbeat and fun atmosphere for your event! 


Red Velvet


Inspire guests of all ages to engage in circus play with a designated Circus Play Zone. 

Guests would be welcome and encouraged to try out a variety of circus and flow props with guidance from Infinite Spin performers!

Associated PERFORMANCE Partners


World recognized for unique special effects, choreography, and technical prowess, Organic Pyrotechnic (OG Pyro) is the gold standard for fire performance. With backgrounds in production management, fire fighting, fabrication, and stunt martial arts, OG Pyro brings spectacular shows to life with a professional touch. Known for their polished presentation, dance choreography, and BIG FIRE, OG Pyro knows how to bring the heat!  

Find more on OG Pyro here! 

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Renegade Circus was founded by Deaja and Cody in Sacramento, CA; a production and entertainment company whose mission is to provide circus style spectacles for any event. Renegade Circus specializes in traditional circus acts, burlesque, side shows, and fire performances.

Find more info on Renegade Circus here!

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Partnered VEnue

Infinite Spin has a show for any venue! 

However, for safety purposes. venues must meet minimum requirements in order to accommodate fire performances.

Chateau Davell Winery, located in Camino California, is Infinite Spin’s partnered venue. Infinite Spin has performed at this beautiful venue numerous times and has approved this space for all shows we offer, including big fire! 

Chateau Davell’s Tasting Room offers unique and intimate spaces available to reserve for all your celebrations. They also offer rental of their entire venue for larger events such as weddings and corporate events. Use of the facility includes staffed bars, parking, commercial kitchen, prep area, wedding arch and use of two bathrooms. 

This beautiful, family owned and operated establishment is an Infinite Spin favorite!

Eric Hays: Winery Owner - Phone: 530 919-6588

Book Infinite Spin Today!

(916) 718-8126

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